Friday, September 11, 2009

New Hobby

yummy tomato's all year long.

Painting Van Gough's Sunflowers

art class today

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

1st day of school

I was looking at my last post and very ashamed it was back in June. I guess that means we had a good summer and had no time to blog about it!

Well here we are and it is Carter's first day of kindergarten and Lawson's first day of pre-K. It was really a fantastic day. It started with me getting up before the kiddo's to have some quiet devotion time. It shouldn't amaze me that when I do this, my day is always better. I am more patient, more encouraging and have more energy. Anyway, when Carter woke up he helped me make pancakes with eggs and he cracked his first egg! It's about small accomplishments right! After breakfast we did some school and then outside time. They decided to be army rangers being dropped in the jungle by a helicopter and then the helicopter broke down! That is why all of my first day of school pictures look like basic training photos. After lunch they had some rest time, more school and a trip to the library. After dinner we went to their first night of church in the new classes. Carter is in the K-5th class, Shout its called, and Law is in Mr. Bill's pre-k class. Law said at dinner I can't wait to go to Miss Bill's and Mr. Bill's class! He's is so goofy.

So here are some photo's of our first day of school.

Sharpened pencils and a mug from a dear friend made me smile today as we sat down to do math.