Thursday, September 4, 2008

End of August

I am catching up on my posts...

my latest project was refinishing the boys desks.  they turned out really nice.

afternoon at the pittsford library and lunch on the canal.

they love going on 


Painting with cousin Sarah.

We have been doing the kids projects at Lowe's.  This particular week they made a locker.  
i was blessed with some great books from a garage sale for about $5.oo.


Tractor Pulls in August

Beej took the boys to the tractor pulls in Langford NY.  I spent the time catching up with my aunt Nan.  Nan and i went out to dinner and i picked up the boys in the evening.  I was also able to visit my grandma and aunt Carol.  The boys were so tired and fell asleep on the way home.