Friday, October 31, 2008

Miracle of the Moment

Yesterday Kirsten called in the afternoon and said she had won 4 tickets to see Steven Curtis Chapman and Michael W. Smith.  She had replied to an email from the radio and won 2 tickets.  She was so excited to take Julia, but had wanted to take Olivia and I as well.  Few minutes later she got a call from someone we know and she asked if she wanted 2 more tickets!  So Kirsten, Julia, Olivia and I got dressed up and went to the show last night.  We had such an amazing time.  Michael and Steven sang together, separately, and they sang each others songs too.  I had no idea how inspiring it would be to see them singing and to be in an audience where you can feel the presence of the Lord.  All I can say is Amazing!  Steven lost his 5 year old daughter in May and to hear him sing Cinderella, which he wrote about his daughters, brought me to tears- many.  

There were 2 things that were said that stayed with me.  Michael said to "live intentionally".  It really made me think because our pastor mentioned last Sunday to "live life on purpose".  God are you trying to tell me something?  Sometimes i am a little slow:)  The only way i could rationalize that statement in my head is when my kids hurt each other, i ask was it accidental or on purpose?  So i guess when he said to live intentionally it means to have thought about it.  Accidental is not meaning to, but intentional is thinking about, planning for, and knowing how you feel about something.  I get so caught up in my immediate feeling about something i don't think about the overall picture and how it relates to my life or to God's plan for my life.  The other thing that was life changing for me was Steven's song Miracle of the Moment, "this is the only moment we can do anything about, so breathe it in and breathe it out, listen to your heartbeat.  there's a wonder in the here and now, its right there in front of you... and if it bring you tears taste them as they fall, let them soften your heart... " He talked about how character building comes when you have been in the valley.  To hear him speak on that meant so much to me because of where his family has been the last 6 months.  

So when i woke up yesterday and was planning my day, God was laughing and saying- you think you have it all figured out, but i have other plans for you.  Don't you love that we have God that not only teaches us, but delights in seeing us giddy and happy.  Kirsten and i were dancing when Michael was singing some of his older 90's songs, and Julia said "mom, stop".  Kir, i think we are getting old!!  Oh well, we still know how to have fun.  Thank you for a wonderful evening out with your beautiful girls.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Field Trip

We were able to take a train ride at the New York Museum of Transportation.  Carter loved it, Law was a little disinterested but willing to go.

Don't they look so cute, like they are playing at the park together.  Yeah, pictures are great because they don't tell the real story- Law was yelling at Carter to stop pushing him and Carter was not listening.  It turned into a screaming match in which i was taking pictures.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Our Saturday

Hot chocolate and pumpkin muffins at Mendon Ponds Park.  We were in search of leaves for our project this afternoon.

The boys are trying on their Halloween costumes and decided to play in them.

Mo hasn't gotten a bath since my youngest was born, he's almost 3.  I thought it was about time.  Poor kitty...   He smells really good now.

Letchworth State Park

October 20, 2008

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Pumpkin Season

I love the Fall

Closing the Cottage

Carter took this one.

Law took this one.

Garage Sale find

I found this table at a garage sale for $3 and refinished it.