Sunday, January 30, 2011

character training

I try and teach my kids to be thoughtful.

I try and model the behavior.

I read scripture to them.

But often I do not see the fruit of what I teach when it comes to character training. Maybe it's because I have boys, maybe its because they are 6 and 5, or maybe I am not looking hard enough. All may be true at some time or another. I saw it very clearly this morning. Last week I taught my boys how to make coffee in my new Keurig coffee maker. They really wanted to make me coffee. All 3 guys in my house right now are sick, so I was shocked when I woke up this morning to a big cup of coffee at my bedside from my 2 kiddos. After being up four times last night with one coughing, one fevering, and one not sleeping, it was so nice.

All this to say... My thought is this- even though we may not see our little kiddos paying attention to our attempts to mold their character, God knows. When we are faithfully seeking His will for our children and in prayer for them, He is faithful.

He is faithful.