Monday, September 13, 2010

Teaching reading

My first grader is not very enthusiastic about reading. I knew I had to get creative. My sister in law is a first grade teacher and she gave me some creative ideas for getting Carter interested in reading. Her one idea was making him a tool belt with "tools" -words! I used sight word cards and glued sandpaper to the other side. Another idea i came up with is using his nerf gun. He has to hit near a word and read it. He told me tonight that he loves his new way of learning to read. Totally made my day:)


Kiley said...

Seriously love these ideas!!! Happy First Day!!!

Anonymous said...

We're going to try this with our spelling words. What a great idea, Jillian!

Quite the arsenal of nerf guns here for Winter Nerf Wars.

Keep your ideas coming!

Love learning from other moms,

Jennefer said...

Oh my goodness! We have the exact same nerf gun and it drives me INSANE that the boys are always trying to find things to shoot at. Never would have thought to use it as an educational tool. Think you just made my day...and my tomorrow since it's 10:30 PM now ;)

Thinking how I could use this in just about every subject: give Thatch a word and he has to shoot which part of speech it is, or give him a sentence and he has to shoot which type of sentence it is! For Beckett (4) I can have him shoot which letter (sound) he hears at the end of a word. And for Haddon (5) he can shoot words that describe the animal he just learned a out: cold-blooded, mammal, insect, primate, etc

Thanks again!!!

jillian said...

Thanks for the encouragement girls. I so often feel inadequate at schooling and i read YOUR blogs for inspiration. Your kind words mean so much :)